TerraCaching 3.0 Update


pigdogboyandgirls: Slept through it too, it was all every one was on about at work today.. Jul 18, 2014 14:23:46 GMT
walktall: password protected board (:)) Jul 21, 2014 17:47:18 GMT
Gackt: Just temporary. Trying out an idea for a cache. Jul 21, 2014 18:54:52 GMT
Griff Grof: Well, it sounds like a good idea. I would love the CC hosted caches idea to pick up, been meaning to get involved with the movable ones! Jul 21, 2014 19:27:48 GMT
walktall: GACKT has started a new game - crack the password (rofl) P-) Jul 22, 2014 8:33:45 GMT
Griff Grof: Only joking :D Jul 22, 2014 10:23:30 GMT
Griff Grof: I just got in!!!!! Jul 22, 2014 10:23:31 GMT
Griff Grof: I like it :) Jul 22, 2014 10:23:31 GMT
walktall: how many letters? Jul 22, 2014 11:24:24 GMT
Gackt: Haha, go for it :) That area won't be there much longer, until I put in place properly for the reason I am intending. But have fun till it's gone. Jul 22, 2014 12:48:30 GMT
Gackt: Only 4 letters/numbers by the way ;) Jul 22, 2014 12:48:46 GMT
Griff Grof: I am so intrigued as to what you're planning :) Jul 22, 2014 14:12:50 GMT
Storm: 6 Weeks of no school (rofl) Jul 22, 2014 16:51:37 GMT
Griff Grof: Yay! I've been off since June 13th though :P :D Jul 22, 2014 17:08:39 GMT *
Gackt: Make the most of it! Unless you're lucky to have a large secret stash of coin, in a couple of years you won't have such a long summer holiday :P Jul 22, 2014 17:24:44 GMT
Gackt: , in short I wanted to see if I could use the forum's password protected areas as online logsheets for caches that wouldn't have a physical logsheet. Why might it not have a physical log sheet.. let your imagination run amok Jul 22, 2014 17:27:14 GMT *
Storm: *Job needed* (rofl) Jul 22, 2014 17:29:48 GMT
Griff Grof: Well, might still have these long holidays if I decide to become a teacher :D Jul 22, 2014 18:45:10 GMT
walktall: @griff - I would check with a teacher about that - you may be surprised Jul 22, 2014 20:14:31 GMT
Pir8sOld&New: I totally agree with WT.. I'm Back! Jul 22, 2014 21:15:23 GMT